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music for young children
music for young children
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Music Theory G1-8

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music for young children (2- 7 years old)

Music For Young Children (2-7 years old)


Violin group/ Individual class

tailor made individual piano lesson

ABRSM graded/Performance exam/ leisure/pop

tailor made flute lesson

Tailor Made Flute lessons

Music Theory G1-8

ABRSM grade 1-5 theory in ONE year ABRSM grade 6-8 theory in ONE year

I Love MYC because we found the MYC program globally to be a genuinely engaging approach to yearing music. We started both of our kids on MYC when we were in Canada and they loved it. We were glad to be able to continue on MYC with Ms Nicole here in Singapore


Parent (Jamie Koh)

I Love MYC because the lessons are fun and the approach systemically teaches the child from the fundamentals and builds up from there. Concepts are introduced using flovier activities; making it fun and easy for the child to remember even complex concepts, very different compared to how i was taught as a child

Parent (Irene Sim)

Music for young children is an excellent program if you are trying to introduce music to your child at young age. the program is interesting and lively with lots of interaction and social skills development for children. Teacher Nicole is a fun loving teacher. Always looking  for new materials to enhance her teaching and motivate her students to learn. She loves her students and my kids loved her too. My 2 children benefited a lot from her teaching and we've been taking lessons from her for 8 years and still going strong!

Parent ( Lu Yan)

I love MYC corriculum! It builds a great foundation for both piano playing and theory through fun and enjoyment. Teacher Nicole is also very patient and creative in journeying with the older kids upon graduation from the MYC program. 

Parent (Hui Fen)

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