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Congratulations to Keith Yeon (Student of Teacher Nicole) who won first prize in Golden Piano Talents competition 2023 under popular Music category with an astounding score of 96.3/100.GOLDEN PIANO TALENTS COMPETITION appears to be one of the most prestigious and the world’s largest piano competitions in terms of the number of contestants, with candidates from more than 50 countries, from all continents of the world.​


After completing the MYC (music for young children) program, he continued his piano journey with Teacher Nicole and is now learning Dizi as his secondary instrument.Keith loves to play the piano and often uses that as a means to relax whenever he is tired from studying.​Keith loves watching anime and listening to their theme songs. He often searches for new scores and is not afraid to explore these pieces even though they may be technically challenging.


With Teacher Nicole’s patient guidance and his perseverance, Keith has mastered a repertoire of pieces.​One of Keith’s current hobby is improvising songs and making remixes of the pieces that he has learnt. When inspiration strikes, Keith composes his own songs too! We are glad that music brings Joy to him, and now he is able to bring joy to everyone.​



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